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Make meaningful decisions that improve customer experiences and make an impact on your bottom line.

We have already conducted 5000+ survey and counting.

Most loved features by our users

Send email invites

Easily upload contacts from Excel file to our system.
Thereafter, we will send them an email survey invite on your behalf and track each respondent's status.

Reminder emails

People rarely respond to first email invites.
So, we developed a system to identify all such respondents and send reminder emails, asking to fill out the survey, in a few clicks.

Your logo, everywhere

Your organization's logo is part of your brand identity.
So, brand your survey with your organization's logo too.

Analytical reports

Rushing to a client and need a report compiled based on survey data?
We got you covered.
We have a report available to you out of box. But, that's not all. You can create custom reports too in just few clicks.

How various industries are using our Survey technology


Our customers see our product differently than us.
So, it's important to know, what customers think of our product and how it can be improved.
Let's put the customer in driver's seat.


Not all customers are created equal.
Some just use your product/service once, some a few times and few can't live without it.
Don't you like to identify such customers and turn them into brand advocates?


As a product owner, it is difficult to prioritize which feature needs to be implemented first from the list of features.
Let your customers tell you, which feature they want to see first and why?


We conduct training to train on our staff in a particular skill set.
But, how to gauge training effectiveness?
We do this by asking its attendees.


Work-life balance is one of the most important aspects to retain employees for a long term.
Run a survey to make sure that teams are not stressed out or over-burdened.
Once gaps are identified, fixing it is the most important aspect to achieve work-life balance.


It's the harsh reality, Employee leaves!
By running an exit survey, we can gather a wealth of information that can help understand the reason behind it and see if what actions we can take in future to increase employee retention.


Needs to gather contact information, current status and other details of former students of the university?
Survey is way to go.


Need to gather data on the impact of social media on teenagers or current geopolitical scenario for your research?
Ask the questions in a nicely formatted manner via survey.


Preparing for an upcoming college festival?
Needs volunteers or, choose the best college band?
Create a survey and post it on the college website or send an email blast.
You will have your data nicely arranged in Excel in just a few clicks.


You got a lead on your website.
Won't it be great if you connect with 'em on phone first and then send 'em a survey asking event's objectives/goals - so came prepared for the first face-to-face meeting?


Event guests are coming from a variety of background with different preferences in entertainment, food, commute and learning requirements.
So, it makes sense to ask 'em about their preferences beforehand to deliver the best experience, isn't it?


Event over, job finished, Right? Wrong!
Learn what organizer liked and disliked about the way you run the event? Is the organizer's objective achieved?
All this information will help you identify the development area and if there is a possibility of future business from the client.
Ask these questions via a survey.

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